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Benefits of Vertical Blinds

If you have any experience with large windows, you know how much sunlight can shine through the glass. As the sun’s rays pass through the glass of a window, they are intensified and magnified. This can be a great advantage during the coldest months, but it is not much of an advantage during the rest of the year. High room temperatures are not the only problems that the sun can create. Furniture fabrics may be faded or damaged by the sun’s rays. Over time, regular sun exposure can destroy any upholstered furniture, such as chairs and sofas. This problem will be decreased exponentially with vertical blinds. The sun’s rays are diverted or even completely blocked by vertical blinds. Your furniture is saved from the sun by using vertical blinds, saving you the cost of buying new furniture.

There are many money-saving reasons to get vertical blinds. You will find that, if you reduce the amount of sunlight entering a room, you can decrease the heat index as well. You will save on electric and air conditioning costs during the summer months. High quality vertical blinds can save you as much as 20 percent. You will see the benefits of having vertical blinds in the winter as well. Having your windows covered with heavy, durable vertical blinds will keep the heat inside. You will see the results of this benefit in your heating and fuel bills.

You will find that vertical blinds can even bring you health benefits. You will find that the number of headaches and eye strains you experience will decrease if you limit your exposure to the sun’s rays. You will be able to utilize all the rooms in your house for studying or reading purposes. Watching television is no longer a challenge, as vertical blinds reduce the glare.

Although PVC blinds are well known in the market as an affordable decor option, they are also criticized for not being very durable and for environmental unfriendliness. The release of certain agents used during the production of PVC materials has been a cause of concern. This will probably not affect you, though, if you have not had issues with it before. The strong ultraviolet rays of the sun have been known to cause discoloration and brittleness of some PVC materials. If the PVC is high quality, this should not be an issue.

Various qualities as well as decor and color options are available in the vertical blinds made from fabric. There are two groups of vertical blinds available: low-cost, non-woven options, and more-expensive, woven varieties. Vertical blinds made with “smashed polyester”, which is what stitch bond fabrics are can be a decent choice for budget minded customers; for others beautiful woven vertical fabric blinds will complement any space. The advantages of woven vertical fabric blinds far outweigh the extra cost.

We tend to overlook the advantages of vertical blinds. Many people hate the thought of dusting vertical blinds, but in reality they don’t collect that much dirt; they also offer many affordable and healthy benefits. Any damage a piece of furniture might receive from UV rays can be diverted with the use of vertical blinds. The use of vertical blinds reduces the need for heat and air-conditioning and makes our study areas headache free. Take a look at these advantages and get some vertical blinds for your own home.